WASHINGTON, D.C. — A group of Republican political consultants, one of whom has North Carolina ties, have launched a new self-serve digital advertising platform called RepublicanAds.com.

Citing censorship of conservative views and ads on other platforms, a press released dubbed RepublicanAds.com “the free speech platform.”

The press release says “Everywhere, conservatives are being censored. Everyone from small moms’ groups to national right to life campaigns – and from state legislative candidates to even our President – Republicans and their allies are being blocked by the liberal Democrats’ Big Tech Silicon Valley socialist friends at Facebook, Google and Twitter who are frightened of the truth. Following the Biden announcement pressuring Facebook to close down access to conservative ad campaigns and circumvent all but liberal voices on that platform, it is more important than ever for Republicans and their allies to be able to reach voters across all available digital services and focus less on single-source media buys.”

RepublicanAds.com is a self-service ad targeting platform delivering bespoke campaign messages to specific groups of voters within a selected geography over all digital platforms – appearing simultaneously across cellphone apps, mobile browsers, social media, desktop and streaming TV/ video. According to the announcement release, the platform is fully enabled to target digital ads using the most accurate voter data sources including DataTrust/GOP Data Center, other leading voter file providers, and even a campaign’s bespoke data custom-matched for their use. This ensures users ads are served to their target audience wherever they may be on the internet and to no one else.

The release adds that “By matching validated and bespoke voter data with IP addresses, browser cookies and mobile IDs, RepublicanAds.com is the conservative smart tech solution bypassing the media and online platforms of the Big Tech Silicon Valley liberal elites. It enables any conservative to run their own, cost effective and winning digital ad campaign without spending their ad budget filling the pockets of those who are actively muffling conservative voices.”

“How many digital ads have Republicans candidates and campaign managers placed over the years that have been rejected?” says Andy Yates, co-founder of RepublicanAds.com and a veteran GOP political consultant. “It’s happened to all of us. It makes no sense – and it’s getting worse. That’s why we’ve created a new digital advertising platform to make sure this never happens again”.

“I’m a grassroots guy,” says RepublicanAds.com co-founder Ryan Rhodes, a longtime Republican campaign manager. “To me, it’s about working with activists, and I can tell you that in this covid-culture-wars-riots moment, using digital tools is more important than ever before – and this technology ensures conservative messages can get through without censorship”.

The importance of conservatives using precise, cost-effective and self-service digital to replicate the lack of opportunity for traditional voter-contact campaigning is essential for candidates up and down the ballot, according to Republican advertising pioneer Becki Donatelli of Washington-based Campaign Solutions.

“For those campaigns that don’t need a full service agency, my friend Andy Yates and the team at RepublicanAds.com have created a self-service platform that looks to be comprehensive in their ad placement and targeting,” says Donatelli. “Navigating ad buys today is not for the faint of heart, and those on the right need more opportunity to be heard – not less. RepublicanAds.com fills an important spot in the market. I’m impressed!”

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